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Doing extra administration work & preparing meals at my house for a participant

If I have done pretty much all of the participants organising , help complete reports & other documents, different phone conversations with there therapists & COS at home plus buy vegetables & make meals numerous times for the person, how do I actually get paid for all the hours I've done in my own time & any costs I've paid for as well. All I got was thank you & that's it. I'm talking around 40 hours or more & a lot of meals, printed documents for client I've done but didn't get paid. How can I get some reimbursement does anyone no at all please. Thank you

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    Grace Hireup Staff

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    Hi Susan, 

    Thanks for getting in touch! The best thing to do is to contact our Community Support team on (02) 9113 5933 or at: and discuss this with them. This way, we can find out a little more about the situation, and support you as best we can. 


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