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Communicating with our community

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Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), we wanted to create a space to share some useful information and updates, to ensure our community is safe.

We will continue to communicate with our community throughout this time, and encourage our community to look out for each other. Feel free to share your ideas on how you may be creatively using your funding during this time, and any tips you may like to share with your Hireup Community.

It is important to remember, if you, someone you support, or someone you have been in contact with are showing symptoms of the virus, it is important to:

  • Call your local Emergency Department, your doctor or healthdirect on 1800 022 222
  • Contact Hireup on (02) 9113 5933 so we can do a risk assessment 

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    Grace Hireup Staff

    Official comment

    Hi Sandra, 

    Thanks for reaching out! We're working with the government to act quickly to support the community, and we've set up this fund to help workers during this time.

    To start the claim process, please contact our Community Support team on (02) 9113 5933 or at: to let the team know you aren't doing as many shifts and why. 

    We're here to support where we can, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team.

    Thanks again Sandra!

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    Sandra G

    Hi, I just read Hireup's response to covid19.  Funding for casual workers who have had their work drop off due to the vulnerable people they take out needing to stay home to protect their health - is a real issue for some of us    Good to hear that there maybe?? some form of funding in these cases .  When is this available & how?

    (you may share my first name & initial with this post)

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    Lynne Foreman

    As a participant my Personal Support Workers are still coming in but only if we are both well.
    I had a swimming shift this morning I still need a shower and get dressed I decided to get my hair coloured which my support worker was ok to do that and them we took our pup for a walk.

    I guess we really just have to think out of the box.

    There are always things we can do together even if its get going for a drive I use a power wheelchair to get around but I have a manual chair were I can transfer in their car. 

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    Grace Hireup Staff

    Couldn't agree more Lynne! It's all about thinking outside of the box, and communicating with your team. 

    The number one priority is your personal health and safety. So if you or anyone in your team are feeling unwell, it's best to keep distance and potentially think about what remote support could look like!

    Thanks again for sharing Lynne! 

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