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How Things Change

Until a month ago I would only ever get out of my unit to go to the chemist, shopping and to doctor or specialist appt.'s. Other than that I would just lock myself away at home using in front of the computer.

Since my NDIS funding finally came through I have been getting out several times a week doing many different things, like, going to the beach, going to the pool for a swim, going to the waterfront and having a cold drink and trying to do small walks (as I have issues with my leg and am in constant pain) and I have been able to have someone come in and clean my home which has made a massive impact on my change of mindset. And as of this Friday, my support worker will begin taking me to the chemist and shopping each week instead of relying on another organization that used to do it for me. Also, we have an outing planned for every Tuesday and cleaning once a fortnight. So everything has changed in just a month. 

You can pretty much say that HireUp has changed my life. And being able to choose who is and who is not suitable to my needs is a massive thing. Trust and feeling comfortable around someone for me is a major part of my disability.

If I hadn't found the support worker I have I think I would still be at home and not getting out. So I can not thank HireUp enough for the service they provide. 

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