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‘Quiet’ outings

I have an older autistic client and I am always thinking of places to take her that are fairly quiet and not too crowded. As noisy crowded places can upset her. She lives on the lower Blue Mountains and I live in Penrith and so far I have taken her to the Museum of Fire in Penrith, Thirlmere railway museum (on weekdays when it’s quiet) the car cafe in Surry Hills and a few trips by train and ferry to Manly. There has also been many drives in the mountains and Nepean/Hawkesbury area looking at old houses. My client loves cats, old homes, trains as long as the places are quiet. Does anyone know of places in the outer Sydney west/Blue Mountains that I can access by car or if in the city, easily accessed by public transport that may suit my client’s needs?

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    Leanne Williamson

    That was meant to me the ‘cat’ cafe in Surry Hills

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    kerstin legoll

    Hi Leanne. That is a very interesting topic. Have the person you support and you ever considered visiting and maybe volunteering at an animal shelter? I am up in QLD and attend RSPCA's Happy Paws Happy Hearts program with someone I support. I am not too sure if that program exists in NSW but it should!!!! It is the BEST. The only thing that we all have in common is the love for animals, other than that everyone is different and we all are engaged in different activities and environments; participants and support workers. If the person you support needs a quiet space, you can surely find that at the shelter AND they usually have cats. That will give you guys routine, something to look forward to, builds her confidence and skills to look after animals and she will be with like minded people. What do you think? Look forward to hearing how you go. All the best.

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