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I have really appreciated having Hireup's assistance. Because of this valuable support, I've been able to go to many places. Including Cobbity Markets a wonderful place!! Windsor shops, Richmond, Kurmond. Just about every shopping centre within the Sydney metro area.

I've been to amazing op shops, got some treasured treasures! Also been able to go to some very interesting places for coffee. The list is very long!! 

Meeting and chatting with people along the way. I had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring young lady & her Mum recently, sure learnt a lot from these two people. It's a lesson in never giving up aspire to your dreams, as much as possible.

My message is enjoy every day, be thankful!!

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    Grace Hireup Staff

    Hi Vicki,

    This is so great! We're glad you are enjoying Hireup and the adventures you have been on. We love finding out from our community about their stories and adventures on Hireup, we're so glad you've made some great connections.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Erica Schmidt

    I agree Hire Up  is a great community.  Majority of my workers are great there has been one though that I have to continuosly show how to use my vacuum, show her where I keep the mop, mop bucket, cleaners ect.  As of now though actively looking for a replacement.  I am over it.   

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    Lynne Foreman

    Evening Erica,
    Please don't lose hope, myself I have gone though a few PWS's and yes I know its hard work as times. 

    I looked at my job board, sometimes and think gees I hope the Support Workers don't see all of them, because they would think I am not working with her with all the jobs she has posted, and that is why my job board is so big as I couldn't find the right fit.
    Its time consuming, but its worth it in the end.

     It worthwhile asking one of your workers, as they might know someone from HireUp in your area. This is how I found one of my workers word of mouth.

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