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On Our Own Tracks

Good evening everyone and I hope you’re enjoying the new Hireup Community.

I’m just wanting to let you know that I run a blog which is called On Our Own Tracks. We are currently on Facebook, Instagram, Redbubble and YouTube and mainly produce articles about stories of people overcoming all sorts of challenges, positively navigating the world with a disability, have a Redbubble store and we are just starting to do meetups around Western Sydney. Our two aims are positivity and the merging of abilities. So I hope you will become part of our community.

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    Craig Preston

    I've seen your blog and it looks fantastic. So much positive information and great stories

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    Cheryl Obradors Ballus

    Sounds fantastic, I will take a look. I am a Disability Teacher at TAFE, this may be of interest to my students.

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