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Tips for Recruiting Your Team

Here are some tips that I find particularly useful when I've recruited my team of 10 support workers:

Things to consider before recruiting:

  • Who do you want to support you? (Gender preferences, location, age, etc.)
  • What skills or experience do you require from a support worker? 
  • What other factors do you look for in a support worker? (Personality, work ethic, etc.)
  • How do you want to be supported? 
  • How many support workers would you need?

Things to consider when recruiting:

  • How far are they from you?
  • Are they able to provide the support you need?
  • Get a sense of their availability and their willingness to learn new things
  • Set the right expectations from the get go - what would you expect your support workers to do and what can they expect from you? 
  • Do you have all the resources you need in order to induct and train new support workers safely? 

Hope these points help! 



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    jamesalex alex

    This is great information thanks for sharing is very helpful 


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